Palatinus Open-air Bath and Császár-Komjádi Swimming Pool renewed

The renewed Palatinus Bath at the Margareth Island

The renovated and expanded Palatinus Open-air Bath of Budapest has been inaugurated, which is now waiting for visitors throughout the whole year.

István Tarlós, Mayor of Budapest, said in his speech that the investment was a milestone in the busy life of Palatinus. He said that in the frame of the investment a 100-square-meter swimming pool and a 60-square-meter children's pool were built inside the covered area, and a cold and hot water dive pool has also been built. In addition, a Finnish sauna, rest couches and a medical section were created. He highlighted that the Palatinus is the largest spa of Budapest, and from now on also its year-round bath center.

István Tarlós also mentioned that in addition to renovating Palatinus Bath, there were further developments on the Margaret Island, so the promenades and playgrounds were renewed, and further MOL Bubi stations were installed as well. An area of 43,000 square meters received new lawn and over 180,000 plants were planted. The mayor declared that the investments were completed on time, thus the Margaret Island will await its visitors during the FINA world aquatics championships at its finest.

The refurbished Császár-Komjád Sport Swimming Pool has also been inaugurated. The works were completed within seven months and the modernization of the facility costed 3.8 billion forints.

István Tarlós told at the event that the world championships is a great opportunity to modernize the swimming pools in Budapest, which has been a long-standing requirement. He added that Budapest is the city of future, and the most important task of forthcoming decades is to create a liveable city, and the renewal of the Császár-Komjádi Sport Swimming Pool serves exactly the same purpose. He noted that the facility, delivered more than forty years ago, received a complete renewal for the first time, the modernization involved the introduction of the newest technology. During the world championships the facility will be used for workouts, then it will serve as a pool with educational purposes and will become the home of triathletes, pentathletes, swimmers and water polo teams.