The country's first open-air integrated gym opened in Budapest

Zsolt Kanyó Paralympic champoin shows a wheelchair excercise in the sportpark

The first integrated gym and playground of Hungary opened in Csepel where children with disabilities, healthy children and adults can also enjoy the pleasure of exercise and play.

The main intention of the creators of this facility, the Hard Body Hang and MagikMe, being rare at European level, but absolutely pioneer in the country, is to fight the social isolation of people with disabilities.

The primary aspect for the designers, para athletes Zoltán Fenyvesi and Zsolt Kanyó, as well as interior designer Tamás Erdélyi, was the aim that a disabled child and adult in any state of health could truly meet their healthy fellows through easy-to-follow activities that are well known to parents and accompanying persons.

The newly-delivered MagikMe play devices are novel, inspire common sports and play, and can be played by kids of any age. The device is capable of developing the gaming activity of children with different disabilities.

Deputy Mayor Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky emphasized at the opening of the park that we are doing well and right if we make Budapest a more liveable and lovable city: for pedestrians, cyclists, children, elderly, young or just physically disadvantaged people.