Fourth P+R parking lot opened at the Kelenföld terminal of metro line M4

Pedestrians exit at the P+R parking lot in Kelenföld, near the metro terminal

The construction of the fourth P+R parking lot linked to the Metro Line M4 project has been completed in Kelenföld. With the 500 new spaces, there are about 1500 new parking spaces available for motorists now. The construction of the four parking lots was realised in approximately two years with the help of up to 100% of European Union aid intensity. The most important aim of the metro line M4 construction was to reduce congestion in the city centre and to reduce surface – mostly road – transport gradually, in which P+R parking lots play an important role, considering that this is the place where motorists coming from the catchment area and outer districts can leave their cars and proceed by metro, tram, bus or bike. This is also justified by the fact that the three, previously opened P+R parking lots have been operating with maximum capacity utilisation for a while.