V4C mayors’ letter to Chancellor Merkel on direct, green, urban funding in the EU’s next Multiannual Financial Framework

On 15 July 2020, the mayors of the Visegrad capitals sent a letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel (as the head of government of the incoming German EU presidency) in which they stressed the need for establishing directly accessible, green urban funds in the EU’s next Multianual Financial Framework.

Key points of the letter:

  • Cities and city residents are severly impacted by the climate crisis, but they are also uniquely equipped to roll out bold climate mitigation measures

  • With the much-needed greening of pubic transport infrastructure, and insulation projects on old houseing stocks, cities can greatly reduce EU-level CO2 emissions.

  • Their position paper of May 2020 lays out specific proposals for creating the legal base for such green urban funding, and is now supported by 29 cities representing close to 10 % of the EU’s popuation.

  • The mayors urge the German EU presidency to support their proposals and advocate for the increased engagement of local governments in the implementation of key European objectives.

The V4 mayors letter


V4C Mayors letter on climate and recovery


Direct European Funding for Cities - Position paper