Call for proposals: memorial site for women, who had been raped in wartimes

​The Municipality of Budapest announces an international, open and blind call for proposals to be implemented by BHM – Budapest Gallery for the creation of a work of public art on the following theme: Memory of rape in wartimes: women as victims of sexual violence.

The aim of the General Assembly of Budapest is to create a memorial site for women, who had been raped in wartimes. The memorial should reflect on the issues, sensibility highlighted during the social and professional dialogues and debates.

It is about to help working through the trauma both on personal and on social level. Besides it should remind the present and future generation of something that should never happen again. It aims to designate a memorial site interpreted in a contemporary way that could be a place for all strata of society for remembering and working through the trauma. The memorial should use up-to-date contemporary visual language. The memorial should be interpreted internationally as well.