New harbor at the National Theatre

The new harbor at the National Theatre

The Müpa (Palace of Arts) and the National Theater, as two important scenes of the cultural life of Budapest are also connected into the scheduled shipping of the capital by the Centre for Budapest Transport and BKV: from April 25, 2017, the new terminus of D11 and D12 cruises to the south is the port of Müpa - National Theater.

Danube shipping has flourished in the 1960s-70s when ships delivered 2 million passengers a year. Following the slow decline after the shift of the political system, the sector began to revive in 2009, when with the support of the EU 9 ports have been built or restored in Budapest between 2009-2012. These ports were connected into the transport network by BKK with the D11 and D12 lines (and with the D13 that has been terminated by now). Today's scheduled ships – instead of the previous lines, on which the level of usage was much lower and without the possibility to use regular and season tickets – were launched by BKK by using the existing fleet but with completely new routes, stops and timetable. The reorganized Danube ship traffic is clearly a success story, lines in the tourist season are operating with the maximum capacity.