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City Diplomacy Unit

The task of the City Diplomacy Unit is to build the diplomatic relations of the capital, to develop our international network and influence, and to help the work of the capital and the Mayor’s Office as a whole, by channelling professional experiences.
Strategic Objectives
In October 2019, the new leadership of Budapest began implementing an active and ambitious city diplomacy strategy.
Partner and Sister Cities
Partner and sister city relations play a key role in City Diplomacy Strategy of Budapest.
Budapest is a member of several international organizations, a detailed list of which is available here.
Budapest maintains close working relations with the most important EU institutions in order to represent the interests of the capital and strengthen the voice of big cities in European decision-making.
The Pact of Free Cities is an open and progressive city alliance launched by mayors of Budapest Bratislava, Warsaw and Prague on 16 December 2019 in Budapest.
The aim of the Academy of City Diplomacy is to train a value-driven young foreign policy elite, and a knowledge base who participate constructively in today’s great debates about our future, and is able to see and shape the larger picture of what is happening around us.
Budapest is working to create an innovative, politically independent organization, which aims to help the capital's foreign relations and international embeddedness with connections, knowledge and resources, to create a more liveable, modern, inclusive and competitive Budapest.
Budapest is planning a large-scale international conference from 2021, the aim of which is to continue to offer a platform to discuss and share ideas about the great problems of the country and the world.

The City Diplomacy Unit reports on a monthly basis on the international activities of the Unit, and the Mayor’s Office as a whole, including best practices and urban innovations. You can access our newsletters here.

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